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  • Who is counselling for?
    Counselling is for everyone.
  • Why go for counselling when I can just talk to a friend or family member?
    Counselling is an opportunity to talk with someone who can be objective whereas friends and family can tend to have a vested interest.
  •  Isn’t counselling where you just talk?  How will that change anything?
    Counselling can be the way to learn new tools for how to handle situations.
  • What if I know a friend or family member who needs help?

    Provide them with the name and number of a qualified therapist and encourage them to follow through!

  • Maybe the problem is just mine and I have to fix it.  Should my partner come anyway?
    If it is going to be a couple session in the future, then both of you need to attend at least the first or second session together.  If not, it would still be of benefit to get two sides to the issue.
  • My partner and I fight about everything so how can we get any benefit from seeing a counsellor?
    A problem for one person can impact the other in the relationship so counselling can play a mediating role.

Counselling involves listening, providing feedback and so much more!